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Even the helper needs a helping hand at times, we don’t mind being one. Our technical specialists are always active to provide you with the best technical support that your marketers need. To solve the complex task or whether to help you audit if you are unable to do, we will handle it.
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The Procedure We Follow

Getting the Objectives Straight

To start working with getting your objectives straight, make sure that you are aware of what you need to do and wat consequences it will show up it. Whether it will meet the demands of your project or not.

Analyzing the Pain Points

The second step is to analyze and inspect that where the actual problem lies, you cannot get to the solution until you don’t know where the problem is. Focusing on the minor of the issues include this process so that you don’t miss out on anything or the whole process goes in vain.

The Strategy

The third step of the procedure is planning the strategy of how you will incorporate the right procedure to produce the desired outcome. The strategy and plan can be different for auditing SEO and different one for social media. Similarly, you would have to plan the strategy differently if the support needed is regarding security.

Providing The

Now when you know about the problem and the you have the strategy on the table the next step to be performed would be to provide with the solutions marketers are asking for. You will have to make sure that the solution you provide to optimize the issue stays the way it is applied.

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The Perks you Get From Us

Everybody needs a specialists to get their work done and you don’t have to worry if you make us responsible for the assistance you need because every technical person we have on board is an expert of his field.

The Best Team

Since our technical support team knows how to manage their load, they get their every task done from a different person who takes his team to sort the issue out. Imagine how perfect of the solutions you will land with if you get the assistance from the experts.

The Perfect Plan

If you are worried because your perfect plan of the strategy failed to work even though with the best ad campaign running and the huge traffic you get on your website, our plan won’t fail. Just get the issue sorted out straight by getting the audit of user journey. We will pinpoint the issue and sort it effectively in no time.

Get the Client Movement

Why do you even worry if most of the companies don’t assist you with the technical support, we initiated Vivotics to have solutions for your every problem. To get the movements more organic and what is client up to, get them tracked by us and sort the issue why they don’t come up with orders for you.

The Big Pack

The pack with all the utilities a technical support team would ask for, we will be providing. From contributing in the security matters to tracking of ads conversion, from leads tracking with CRM to auditing the mobile applications. There is nothing we can’t do.

You Need to Know More

We assure you that if being a marketer you are frustrated of the technical problems that occur during the process no matter how much efforts you are putting into it you are unable to sort it out, we can get you them sorted out and put you to the path of winning. We collaborate with your marketing team to implement user tracking and analytics properly with server side tagging and auditing website for any potential problems, helping them achieve better optimization in performance of website and paid advertisements and analyzing data for them for trends. We get the permanent cure to your problems in the best way possible.

As soon as you take over your department you will see yourself winning. A person with the smallest of issues won’t be able to perform his tasks efficiently, same is the case with technical systems a smallest of error can lead you to a problem you don’t expect. Our experts not only help you identify the problem but provide you with the guaranteed solution.



The technical support we offer via this service comprises of the issues like user tracking and analytics, server-side tagging, web security issues, better optimization etc. whereas, the technical support for social media is different because it totally refers to the technical issues of social media.

There are different strategies we work on to optimize your conversions, such as reducing the time of your page loading, creating scales for promotion, improving the page your product shows on, making your website SEO-friendly etc.

The experts on our team have believe that somehow server-side tracking is better because it can bypass the browser restrictions, ITPs and ad prevention which results in providing more credible data.

With the help of conversions API your, website is able to collect data and track conversions through your website’s server instead of your customer’s server. It stores the data then to your server and sends it to Facebook via API.

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